Human rights activist, Omoyele Sowore, has identified two types of murderers who brutally killed his brother, Olajide.

He explained the kind of pressure that pushed his younger brother, Olajide Sowore to be out early when he was shot dead along the Lagos-Benin Expressway on Saturday.

In an interview session on Zoom with Toyin Falola on Sunday, Sowore said Olajide was under pressure to provide for the needs of the huge family which was what prompted the deceased to be on the road as early as 6 am.

Sowore stated that he is from a family of 19 and since the death of their father, he (Sowore) had been the one taking care of his younger siblings.

He, however, said his incarceration by the Nigerian government pushed the pressure to the shoulders of Olajide, who was brutally murdered on Saturday.

Sowore stated this while reacting to the heart-felt condolence messages expressed by participants at the Zoom life session.

He said: “Thank you very much to everyone who reached out. At this stage, the crime has two suspects, the first murderer is the primary murderer, the state and we know them. The second murderers are those we have not found, but we know they work on behalf of the state.

”I also want to make something known today that I am the first son with 16 siblings and I used to be the shield over everyone but since I was held up here in Abuja after the kidnap from Lagos on August 12, 2019, and eventually kept in open prison here in Abuja, the pressure on my brother to cater for the younger ones led him to be driving around twice between the school and his businesses on that very dangerous road.

”Otherwise, I don’t think my brother would be on the road at 6am had it not been that he was under pressure to cater for our younger ones and the needs of the family.

“He automatically became the breadwinner of our huge family and he discharged his duties creditably well.”


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