On what was supposed to be yet again, a great moment in the polital history of the United States of America, Donald Trump made good his promises of writing a history on 6th January by unleashing his supporters on the Capitol building to avert the certification of Joe Biden’s election’s victory.

The supporters numbering over a thousand, gathered at the Capitol heal with different placards, chanting and calling for the “stolen mandate” to be returned.

Meanwhile, what was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration soon took a new dimension as Trump’s supporters broke the security barrier of the Capitol building, forcing there ways into the floor of the house.

Inklinetimes gathered that, congressmen and women in the building were quickly evacuated into safety, while the National Guard were deployed to ensure sanity.

Ad at the time of filing in this report, a -10hour curfew has been declared from 6pm-6am by the Mayor of Washington D.C. , calling on everyone to move away from the Capital building.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has urged his supporters to go home, affirming that, “votes were stolen, history made and time will tell”. He promised not to relent until justice prevails.


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