Aftermath of what has turned to be a global theatre in the world view, the United States presidential election has continued to generate reactions globally with Nigerian youths lending their voices on the latest development.

In a chat with Inklinetimes, Ayodele Rasheed, an apprentice disclosed that, he started following the news about the presidential election in the US with the hope that a change in government will give succour to the black people and make Africans great again.

He was however surprised to read about various ugly events that have started unfolding in the last 24 hrs which according to him, ” has made him to lose interest and that truly there’s no free and fair election anywhere in the world”

Despite his position, Ayodele urged the American people to ensure that a good president emerges and called on the people to save their democracy in order to save the world.

On the other hand, a man who simply identified himself as Saheed expressed his disappointment on how the US election has degenerated so low to the extent that rigging has been brought to fore in the highly respected nation.

While calling on the US electoral system to restore its integrity, Saheed said, “the whole world is watching and if America should fail in this election, then, it means there’s no difference again between the developing nations and the so called developed ones”.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has reiterated that, the ongoing presidential election has been marred with rigging and malpractices, calling for the stoppage of votes counting in Pennsylvania as well as few other states such as Arizona and Georgia.

Trump while making his first public speech further disclosed that, those mail in ballots that came late should should not be counted, declaring that he has won.

On his part, the presidential hopeful and democratic candidate, Joe Biden has called for calm amidst the ongoing scenario being created by President Donald Trump.

The final result of the 2020 presidential election may be delayed due to counting of votes in Nevada, Arizona and Pennsylvania in an election that has been label as “too close”.

In America, winners of the presidential elections are decided through the electoral college in which the likely president must score 270 votes. Joe Biden is currently ahead with 253 votes against Donald Trump’s 214.


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