Some traders in Ilaro, Yewa South Local Government area of Ogun state have lamented the poor turnout of buyers in various markets and stores due to the covid-19 lockdown in the state.

Speaking with inklinetimes at the popular Sayedero market on Saturday, a trader who identified himself as Jude said, the ” the lockdown has locked down our money with people oo”.

When pressed further, Jude explained that, majority of the regular customers have stayed away from the market for the fear of contracting covid-19.

A mother of three who is also a trader disclosed that market has not been moving both at Igboro (town) and sayedero markets due to the lockdown.

She therefore enjoined those in authority to consider their plights as it is becoming unbearable to feed the family when there is no one to buy their goods.

At Otita and Library areas of the town, some of the shop owners did not open the shops, while the few ones that open were full of complaints over low patronages.

An angry Stanley who described the lockdown as a “killer on its own” wants government to further relax the rule just like it is being don in Lagos state.

While commending government’s efforts so far in combating the pandemic, he urged the people also to obey the precautionary measures so that the community can be free and business can return back.

Inklinetimes observed that on Saturday, the popular sayedero market was a shadow of itself as there was a very low turnout and most of the sellers returned their goods back home in the evening.

However, the situation became worsened as the Eid-el- Fitri celebration also falls on Sunday which unfortunately is one of the days set aside for total lockdown in the state. The regular roadside trading disappeared as Muslim faithfuls within the town observed the “stay at home order” of the government.


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