President Muhammadu BUHARI has appointed his old time friend and former foreign minister, Professor Ibrahim Agboola Gambari as his Chief of Staff.

Professor Gambari with his new appointment replaces the former Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari who died of corona virus last month. His appointment takes immediate effect as he would be resuming to his office this Wednesday.

Gambari, who served as the Foreign Minister to Buhari in the 80s was a loyal officer and confidant to the then military ruler who played a key role in quelling the diplomatic uproar generated by the failed attempt to kidnap Mallam Umaru Dikko from UK by the Buhari military government.

Professor Gambari an Ilorin born prince is an erudite scholar and diplomat who once served as the minister of External Affairs between 1984-85 and was at a point in time on the appointments of United Nations and African Union respectively. He is 36 years old.


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