Aftermath of the judgement of the special tribunal on post election issues that reaffirmed the election of President Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerians have started reacting to the judgement from different avenues.

Reacting to the judgement on “Peoples Assembly”, a social media platform, some of the participants faulted INEC’s claim of server usage during the election which eventually turned to a null.

Inklinetimes gathered some of the views of the participants in respect of the use of server by INEC as well as the decision of the tribunal as captured on “Peoples Assembly” platform.

“INEC has no server by law… Nothing from the server can make any case. So tribunal is right in that regards. The law is clear. The electoral act did not stipulate the use of server for now. hough, i dont expect the Tribunal to declare Atiku winner. It is a case of tactics”.

Another respondent states thus:” Inec doesn’t need a law to adopt any technological platform. Its there statutory responsibility to ensure that our electoral system is transparent and credible. So if technology can guarantee that sanctity inec can utilize such technology to safeguard the system”.

To another respondents, “It is arguable that Atiku might not have been able to prove his case beyond reasonable, nonetheless it is obvious that Buhari did not win the election square and blue”

“I personally feel that it is a good thing that Buhari’s electoral victory had been validated. Now, let’s watch and see how Buhari will transform our economy. He asked for rubber stamp legislature and he got it. By 2023, we await to hear what will be his excuse for failing”

“Then why is inec deploying technology wasting billions of naira when the chairman knows DAT technology won’t have impact on the outcome of the elections?”

“Even if pmb performed. Nigerians must rise up and demand for a truly independent and credible electoral system. Flaw elections can only produce undeserving and unworthy leaders”.

“Peter Obi’s reaction to the Tribunal Ruling……The judgement of today is not about President Buhari or Atiku Abubakar, not at all its about the practice of democracy in Nigeria, the rule of law. It’s about the the future of our country. Its about the suffering masses whose future is being toyed with”


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