The Founder, Amdalah Africa Foundation (AMDAF), Islamiyat Saudique has disclosed that gender discrimination is a global affair but the degree varies from one nation to the other.

Isla, as she’s fondly called, made this known in a release made available to inklinetimes recently. She however pointed out that the Nigerian society is still very patriarchal occasioned by the traditions and culture of people.

According to her, “Men and women are still being treated based on biological feature of being male and females. There’s still that general belief system that the best place for a woman is her kitchen”.

On the issue of parenting, she said, “raising a good child should be a priority to all parents; not even our jobs should be prioritized over the affairs of our children”. Being a mom, and a dad, is a responsibility, it’s a trust, and every parent should strive not to fail”.

Reacting to women’s low participation in governance, Saudiquehe faulted the 8th National Assembly in Nigeria for rejecting the 35 per cent Affirmative Action bill which was introduced in 2017.

According to her, “Women are still being lowly represented in governance in Nigeria despite agitations, pleas, promises, and the fact that we have well qualified women who are more qualified than men”.

On the growing moral decadence in our society, the playwright disclosed that Mothers (women) contribute to the physical, mental, moral and well being of their children as they spend more time with the children than their fathers. As such, they must avoid broken homes should not leave the children to be raised by social media.

Islammiyah, is a trained broadcaster, a published author, public speaker and a gender activist. She studied Mass Communication and obtained Master’s degree in Gender, Globalization and Rights from National University of Irelland, Galway.

She is the Convener of Africa Women Roundtable (Ireland) – an emerging global women conference which creates a platform for women of African descent to hold conversations surrounding their identities; and Isla & Friends Hangout (Nigeria.)


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