Mr. Ayo Owolabi, father of Channel television journalist, Owolabi, who was killed during last Monday’s conflict between dissenting individuals from the Islamic development in Nigeria and the Police has mourned that his promising future has been stopped.

The 21-year-old Owolabi was an individual from the National Youth Administration Corps (NYSC) presented on present with the Stations TV in Abuja.

The late Owolabi’s body was sent to his folks in Zaria on Tuesday.

He was covered at Wusasa Burial ground in the midst of tears and anguish by his folks, kin and relations.

Owolabi, in a selective meeting, said however his child read Theater and Performing Workmanship, his experience with Stations TV had made him become hopelessly enamored with reporting.

Owolabi, an Agent Chief with Ahmadu Bello College Showing Medical clinic, Zaria stated: “Ayoade (Valuable) had a promising future yet it was stopped by death.

“He graduated at the age 20 and I needed him to have a straight trip to PhD after his NYSC.

“However, he read Theater Workmanship from College of Ilorin yet his coming into contact with Stations TV during his NYSC had made him begun to look all starry eyed at news-casting.

“He was constantly occupied with the Channels television work that he used to get down to business on Sundays.

“Truth be told, his sister just purchased a television Camera tripod for him. He requested that I plan purchasing a camera for him. He stated, he cost about N300, 000 and I let him know, I will purchase.”

Valuable dad who burst into tears as he addressed The Country stated: “I needed a straight trip to PhD for him however I never realized it would be a straight trip to death.” He stated,

Executive General of NYSC, Brig-General Shuaibu Ibrahim who was spoken to by the Zonal Reviewer responsible for Zaria, Mrs. Silifatu Bandele depicted late Valuable Owolabi as a persevering loyalist.

Concurring Mrs. Bandele: “I am lamented to peruse this memorial service address today in the interest of the Executive General, State Facilitator FCT Abuja, staff and corps individuals across the country in regard recently Valuable Owolabi Ayo whose tragic demise happened while on obligation covering the savage challenge by individuals from Islamic Development in Nigeria (IMN) in Abuja on 22nd July, 2019.

“Valuable was persevering and energetic to his obligation. He addressed the clarion call to serve his country and had gigantic effect directly from the direction camp to his Place of Essential Task at the Stations TV Abuja.

“However, we can say unequivocally that his life was productive as he shown high awareness of other’s expectations in allocated obligations at his work environment and furthermore remarkable in enthusiastic support of our country Nigeria.

“Valuable served our nation without flaw and if wishes were steeds, we at the NYSC family would have wanted that this young man lying before us lives on.

“Be that as it may, our desires are not God’s will. I consequently approach the dispossessed family to look on to God and bear this hopeless misfortune. We similarly ask that God allows his spirit interminable rest.”


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