A Nigerian Man took to HisTwitter Page to give the trial he encountered of how he was victimized by men putting on suits on Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos.

As indicated by @theakinakinboye the incident happened around 5:18 am, after he boarded a Toyota Camry taxi the suit wearing burglars were in.

He tweeted,

I was looted on third Mainland Bridge today. Men on suit, with firearms in a Toyota Camry. Folks! Everybody in that vehicle wore suits!

Around 5:18am at the early hour of today (on my way to the workplace), I ran into a vehicle with 3 folks on suit. Quickly I venture into the vehicle, the vehicle was secured.

The person in front drew out a firearm, the one close to me took all that I had with me. They dropped me off on third Mainland Bridge


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